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Finding your Passion

What makes us want something more than anyone? Why do we do it? take a listen to Niv and I as we dive deep into this fascinating topic.

Embracing Ambiguity

When dealing with unknowns we tend to get intimidated. Psychology has taught us that our brains like predictable outcomes, if not we tend to walk away. This is the reason why so many of us… Read More »Embracing Ambiguity

Mental Health

We take for granted the importance of mental health. Take a listen at how important it is.


Checkout the conversation Niv and I had around planning, the importance in becoming productive. What are the challenges? What are the benefits? Take a listen and let us know what you think.


Check out the conversation between Niv and I on the power of consistency

Maintaining Focus

How do you maintain focus during the day? How do you keep distractions away? Take listen and let us know.


How do you stay motivated, how do you keep going on your journey? Let us dive in

Delivering Value

I’ve been watching sports and inspirational movies lately. The “Miracle”, the US non professional hockey team beating the undefeated Russian team in the 1980’s, a few football inspirational stories, “Remember the Titans”,  and “We are… Read More »Delivering Value